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Nine To Five Co Workspace in Eagle Idaho

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Nine to Five Origin Story

I did not start out my adult life as an entrepreneur nor did I have any intention of ever becoming one. I grew up believing in going to college and finding a job. I was an elementary school teacher. But this is not the end of my story.

Over the years, my husband and I have journeyed along the entrepreneur path with multiple companies as well as real estate rentals.

coworking space in Eagle Idaho
coworking space in Eagle Idaho

Here begins the story of Nine to Five. One of the businesses I run found itself occupying only a small part of a building unit that we own. I had to either move to a smaller space or figure out how to utilize the open space of our building. The need bore the idea of creating Eagle, Idaho’s first cowork space.

What confirmed this decision happened shortly after ending up in a mostly empty building. My husband runs Wings and Wheels, one of the companies we own. We outgrew this building and Wings and Wheels moved to a new location a short distance away.

My assistant and I were left in the building alone. We immediately noticed the energy drop. Both of us struggled with productivity. Even though Wings and Wheels was an entirely separate business and was run completely separately, the energy of the hustle and bustle of business joined us.

Nine to Five gives that opportunity of shared energy to entrepreneurs utilizing the cowork space. The energy can be gained through collaboration and connection as well as through just having people working around each other.

I understand the value that coworking can bring to the entrepreneurial journey because it is just what my business needed. I was the perfect type of business for coworking. Having my own office with all of the traditional expenses did not make sense. Sharing expenses of staff, amenities, and space makes sense of a small operation or single member business, for those that are unhappily working from home, and those that need more business amenities than profits currently allow for.

My passion is for small business growth. I personally strive to grow my own legacy and would love to be part of other entrepreneur’s story in how they grew their business.