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About Coworking Office Spaces

The Types and Future of Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces were created to allow professionals from different companies and backgrounds to share an office space. Coworking office spaces are areas in which several people work alongside each other but do not necessarily collaborate on the same project. The workspace is static but the people are dynamic. The flexibility coworking office spaces provide is unparalleled. These spaces can create a customizable membership where you can choose the amenities your business needs, and adjust as your business grows. 

Types of Coworking Office Spaces

Each company is unique and so are their coworking office space needs. To choose which type of coworking office space is right for your business, below is a list of a few styles of coworking office spaces available.

  • Conventional or open coworking office spaces are the typical image people generate when they hear the term coworking. This type of space is geared toward creating an open and collaborative environment. Networking and a cooperative spirit are key elements for these spaces, but they don’t offer privacy.
  • A high-end or full-service coworking office space provides luxury and comfort by offering more high-end amenities than conventional coworking spaces. These spaces retain the collaboration and energy of the conventional spaces but provide a more open design and better amenities.
  • Corporate or professionalcoworking office spaces are for those looking for a quiet atmosphere and less energy than the open coworking office spaces. These spaces are ideal for corporate users but less than optimal for users that grow through collaboration.
  • Private coworking spaces are on a separate floor or behind a locked door so the users can feel like a separate entity from the rest of the office space. These spaces are good for teams or businesses that feel they need to be separated from other companies, but still want to retain the flexibility of a short-term lease.
  • Minimalistic coworking office spaces are very similar to the conventional type, but are basic in their amenities. Minimalist spaces include the standard equipment and desks, but don’t offer the same refreshments and lounge areas that the open coworking spaces do.
  • lifestylespace is a broad category of coworking spaces. These spaces are typically within a business, such as a coffee shop or gym, and are therefore not private or quiet. Lifestyle coworking spaces are energetic and casual, but not ideal for business meetings that need sufficient space or privacy.

The cost of utilizing a coworking office space depends on the type of space used and the desired customization. Factors include space size, number of people to accommodate, and services or amenities included.

The future of coworking is expected to grow at an exponential rate. In fact, the global coworking space market is anticipated to grow by almost 19% in 2022. As companies are resuming their operations and new businesses are beginning to take off, coworking spaces are becoming the go-to spots for independent contractors and small businesses to operate in. Large companies benefit from coworking office spaces by using them for hybrid workers and meetings in order to create a more personal feel.