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Shared Office Space in Meridian

What is the difference between a shared office space and a coworking space?

Shared office spaces are similar in concept to coworking spaces, except they offer a more personalized approach. Coworking spaces are a come-and-go as you please situation, where shared office space is based more on a dedicated desk or room that you can rent from an office. Shared office space is an excellent solution for the independent contractor or small business owner who needs office space, but doesn’t want to commit to an entire office building.
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What is shared office space?

Shared office spaces can range in their utility from dedicated space for one company to space for everyone. A shared office space that encourages coworking accommodates everyone and is inclusive of all types of businesses. These inclusive shared office spaces provide space for solopreneurs, large entities, and everyone in between. Shared office spaces typically have dedicated studio suites, private offices, workstations, conference rooms, and an area of coworking desks. Memberships to shared office spaces are personalized depending on what the member wants to have access to in the shared office space. Typically, the membership is on a month-to-month basis, allowing the member to upgrade or downsize as needed. 


Are you trying to decide between shared office space and coworking space?

While shared office space and coworking spaces are a little different, they have several things in common. These include:

  • Infrastructure – By using shared office space, solopreneurs and enterprises don’t have to think about which bills are due or what supplies they need. They also don’t have to react to technical crises such as internet outages or plumbing issues. Shared office space provides the freedom to completely focus on work.
  • Freedom & Flexibility – Shared office spaces provide the flexibility to work or meet at a relaxed and professional location. They also offer the freedom to scale your business as needed. If you’re a solopreneur who only uses a desk, but you are pitching your business to a bigger entity, we have you covered with private office space or conference rooms. Having the ability to adapt to your needs is crucial and using shared office space is a perfect way to allow for growth without pain. 
  • Inspiration & Collaboration – As a freelancer or small team, inspiration can be hard to achieve at home. By utilizing shared office space, inspiration comes from the building design and collaboration with the dynamic people you meet in the office. Amenities in shared office spaces are tailored for motivation and inspiration, which includes refreshments and lounge areas. 
  • Decreased Overhead – Shared office spaces significantly reduce overhead costs. Instead of paying for your own office space, associated utilities, and office supplies, you and your team can focus on collaborating and working.
  • Community – Shared office spaces are designed to encourage the creation of a community. Members of shared office space are like-minded professionals who network organically. 

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